2016 m. spalio 21 d.
How EVS impacts communities: research summary

How European Voluntary Service impacts communities: research summary

With the aim to gather some data about the impact of the EVS volunteers on the local communities, an international research has been initiated in Lithuania, Poland and Hungary. In Lithuania the research was requested by the Agency of International Youth Cooperation.

The aim of the research is to find out what happens in the organisations and the communities that host the European Voluntary Service volunteers.


  • To find out what impact do the international EVS volunteers have on their communities
  • To understand what social capital is dominant in those communities and what importance does it have when working with the EVS volunteers
  • To examine how do the people involved contribute towards the meaning of the programme and what impact does it have on them
  • To get familiar with the dominant understanding of the international volunteering initiatives and the impact that this understanding has on the actions of the programme
  • To find out what are the challenges, difficulties as well as the uplifting matters that the volunteers, organisations and communities face during their EVS experience.


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