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About us

Agency of International Youth Cooperation is a public non-profit institution established in February 1999 by The State Council for Youth Affairs (currently Department of Youth Affairs under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour) and Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT).

The main aim of the agency is to ensure the development of international youth cooperation and successful participation of Lithuanian youth in European Union programmes for young people.

Our goals:

  1. to participate in implementing international commitments of the state in the field of youth policy;
  2. to cooperate with foreign institutions working in the field of international youth cooperation;
  3. to provide information about possibilities of international cooperation;
  4. to provide information to Lithuanian young people on general understanding about youth policy in Lithuania and foreign countries, possibilities of international cooperation, significance of youth initiative to cooperation of state and non-governmental organizations and so on;
  5. to promote the strengthening of youth cooperation in the county and municipal level (to organize training courses and seminars based on intercultural learning methodology; to encourage youth exchanges and other youth activities organized in the county and municipal level);
  6. to coordinate providing financial support for international youth cooperation projects from European Union programmes for young people, especially for young people living in the environment unfriendly towards development and knowledge.